Online Bingo and how it is played

Bingo can be played for free and real money. This card based game can be played on mobile phones, desktops and tablets. If you haven't played Bingo earlier, it is time to create your free account on .


How is Bingo played?

Bingo is played on cards; each card has several numbers printed on it. These numbers are arranged in rows and columns. You win your game when you get all the desired letters and combinations first.

  1. You can generate Bingo cards online.

In its simplest form, Bingo has 25 numbers arranged under the word BINGO. When the croupier calls out a letter combination, you strike that off on your card. An example of a letter combination is K-12.

Other versions of Bingo

In Speed Bingo, you have just 30 numbers and each Bingo card has a 3x3 grid containing 9 numbers. Speed Bingo is called such because this is a very quick game. Many casinos stock this exciting game.

The 75-ball Bingo card has a 5x5 grid that is occupied by 24 numbers; the central slot in the card is vacant. To win, you must get a full column or row of numbers horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

80 and 90 ball Bingo

In the 80 ball variant, the card has a 4x4 grid. The first row contains numbers from 1-20, the second row has 21-40, etc. There are different variations this game that was primarily invented for online players.

In the 90-ball Bingo. Every card has 9columns and 3 rows, and 15 numbers placed randomly. Winners can get all the numbers in the top row, the second row or all the numbers on the card.

Online Bingo Bonuses

Many casinos offer Bingo bonuses to their new and existing players. All eligible new players get Welcome Bonuses from their casinos. There are two kinds of these bonuses- Deposit and No Deposit based bonuses.

  • Never gamble on public WiFi

High Roller bonuses are for those players who wager big amounts of money in their Bingo games. Players who have stuck around with their casinos for a long time can get loyalty or VIP bonuses.

How to win online Bingo?

Play Bingo for free before laying your first bet. There are several online casinos where you can try out free games. Once you have understood this game, start by laying small bets on your Bingo game.

Your chances of winning the game improve when you play with more cards. Your winning chances also improve when there are fewer players in your Bingo room. Never play while drunk. Always play on licensed online gambling websites.